Theme Park | Interview

1. Over the last 12 months, its seems like the whole world has taken notice of Theme Park, has this been as blistering a pace for the band as it has been for the music press trying to catch up?  

It’s been very busy! But very fun, we haven’t really noticed it being that fast to be honest as we’ve had so much to do!

2. After that disused banks in Elephant & Castle you have a bit of a reputation for recording in slightly unusual places, how do you feel this affects the way you make music? 

HAHA do we? Most of the studio’s we’ve been in have been lovely really    !

3. Your Wax Ep is out in the US on the 24th of April, how do you feel the US feel about British acts, considering the American monopoly on our own charts? 

It always seems strange which acts get big in America, some really obvious ones don’t seem to make an impact while other more obscure acts seem to do really well!

4. You’re playing lots of festivals this year, with Camden Crawl coming up soon, is there anyone you want to make sure you catch live this year?

Would love to see Bombay playing on the main stage at reading! It was the first festival we went to and it was their first year playing, they were playing first on on the smallest stage!!

5. With a considerable amount of momentum now behind you, whats next for Theme Park? 

We’re just finishing of our debut album and then have a jam packed summer of festivals ahead!