Melt Banana | Preview

Melt Banana @ The Fleece, Bristol. 30.05.14.

Melt Banana, a Japanese noise-rock experimental band have been around for decades, currently on their seventh studio album, ‘Fetch’, they are no strangers to touring internationally. In the past they have performed with a full band, however on their show at The Fleece later in the month (30th) they will perform as a duo, and like their last album, the drum and bass sections will be sequenced samples.

As a band they’re similar to Bo Ningen, in the sense that there isn’t much out there that really compares to them sonically. Their unique sound starts with powerful, gunshot drum beats. Quick, busy bass-lines lay the foundation for Ichirou Agata’s extremely unorthodox guitar style. Layers of multiple bright, ear-piercing riffs come together to form complex sounds - often actively trying to sound like sirens and lasers, or some kind of futuristic malfunctioning office printer.

They’re equipped with an arsenal of effects; Agata creates incredible soundscapes whilst giving a highly energetic stage performance. Topping everything off is Yasuko Onuki, belting out her rap-like, high pitch vocals that range from chirps to screams to add the final touch.

Check out the first single from Fetch, ‘Candy Gun’ right here:

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