Midas The Cloud


Midas The Cloud is the new solo excursion from London based musician Jed Hampson. Although he’s perhaps best known as the bassist from leftfield guitar outfit Casimir, this is a project that has been materialising for quite some time.

Listening to debut single ‘Can We Sleep?’, it’s a sparse and gradual affair that calls to mind first and foremost the brutally honest vocals of King Krule. Don’t get the wrong idea though, there’s a calculated precision behind this track as effects-laden basswork creates the mood proper.

“It gives a different kind of satisfaction to being in a band” he tells us, “writing songs myself makes it feel like I can be more direct with what I want to say”. These words ring true, as the song reaches it’s heated climax and the once subtle vocals turn into something altogether more decisive and, frankly, pissed-off.

London is proving the perfect canvas for Midas The Cloud to launch in, as alternative press attention begins to bubble away and collaborations with producers are spawned. It’s the ideal start for a much-needed, darker presence on the scene.

Check out ‘Can We Sleep?’ right here:

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