Milo’s Planes ‘Two Feet In A Crowd’ | Single Review

Milo's Planes 'Two Feet In A Crowd | Self Release | 18.07.14.


Having spent their first year dropping a string of statement releases, it’s not really strange that Milo’s Planes have kicked off the new one with such resolute volume.

The DIY bombast of the brotherly bunch has left them looking right at home when sharing the stage with some of the angst-laden new guard, namely Eagulls and The Amazing Snakeheads. Now, the first single from the debut album arrives. Ringing with obscurity it opens with the dialogue “So we’re going to have one of those aural palate cleaning exercises” …say no more. A melodic guitar hums into the picture and the rest is history.

That opening gambit also warns that you’ll struggle to understand a word of what they sing; this is true, simply meaning we’ll be left to interpret using our own imagination. The aggression and sheer pummel of the music does the talking, coming in a coherent package of joyous flair and rippling guitars, that so greatly echoes Sonic Youth and other fuzz-endorsing bands.

Again recorded from their own meagre bedrooms, it’s bands like this that ensure the spirit of do-it-yourself battles on. Pick the single up at their launch party at Mothers Ruin with Gnarwhalls on Friday 18th.

Check out ‘Two Feet In A Crowd’ right here:

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