Mineral | Live Review

Mineral @ The Exchange, Bristol. 07.02.14.

It’s testament to the material that it manages to stand up to scrutiny two decades later.

I’d been secretly stoked about seeing Mineral perform for many months before their show at the Exchange this past Saturday night. But time and time again, I was met with an ultimatum by my friends: ‘Mineral, who?’ Thus, racking up at the Exchange for 7:15 approx., I was pleasantly surprised that a moderately lengthy queue had already formed, waiting. But the crowd too were not what I’d have expected: there was no specific audience, rather a hodgepodge of different people all strangely united for one night only. What a night is was too.

Support on the evening was Solemn Sun, a four piece born from the ashes of Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun, and they were, frankly, brilliant. Their set would have been completely flawless, if not for a few technical troubles beyond their control, but the music itself was succinct, energetic and never dull.

Mineral had a tough act to follow, but thankfully delivered track after track as if we’d been locked into the nineties all along. The restless loud-soft dynamic that typified the band’s debut ‘The Power Of Failing’ and matured on their final LP ‘Endserenading’ came out in full force, as the band breathed new life into years-old material. Cuts from ‘Endserenading’ in particular, such as ‘Aletter’ or ‘For Ivadel’, shone through as moments where rock music could be seen as truly beautiful.

It’s testament to the material that it manages to stand up to scrutiny two decades later, but there was never an off moment during their set. Perhaps Mineral may not be held as one of the great bands of the nineties, but surely they can now be recognised as one of the decade’s forgotten treasures; a truly remarkable band.

Check out ‘Parking Lot’ right here:

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