Music To Help You Get Through Your Day | Playlist


Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Whether it’s getting us back into the gym after Christmas or just getting out of bed for work in the morning, music can play a vital role in giving us that get-up-and-go, while also helping us to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas..

Whatever you’re doing, here’s my guide to helping you make the most of some of some choice tracks.

Breaking up – Drifting, On An On

Sometimes we all just need a good cry. It might not seem like the strongest thing to do, but when we’re in the midst of a break up, a good sad song is the perfect outlet for all those emotions. Nothing quite captures the sense of loss as much as On An On’s ‘Drifting’, which reaches a dramatic crescendo after a calming start – perfect for that rollercoaster of feelings.

Chores – Cream on Chrome, Ratatat

Brooklyn-based duo Ratatat delighted fans recently when they released their first track in five years, entitled ‘Cream on Chrome’. This instrumental synthesizer masterpiece is ideal for taking on any chilled out household chore, with its consistent, bass-heavy beat providing the perfect backdrop for the excitement that is dusting, painting or plain old washing the dishes.

Training – The Swimmer, Metz

Aptly named ‘The Swimmer’, Canadian noise rock band METZ released this high energy anthem this year; the perfect accompaniment for anybody who needs to get in some serious shape, whether they’re running a marathon or swimming a kilometre. Its no-nonsense, heavy guitars wonderfully complement carefree exercise – just make sure the volume isn’t too high on those headphones.

Gaming – Busy Earning, Jungle

This Mercury Prize-nominated modern soul collective are known for a string of hits, with ‘Busy Earning’ being just one slice of their impressive, catchy catalogue. With its heavy synthesizer beats, it may just be the modern day gambler’s theme song – put it on, log onto Royal Vegas Casino and see just how well you do with this relentlessly cool soundtrack.

Long journeys – Intro, The XX

A long journey naturally requires a long soundtrack, and nothing is more suitable than super-extended mix of The XX’s ‘Intro‘, which provides almost three hours of pure calm. Another on our list of Mercury Prize nominees, the Wandsworth-based band won the coveted prize in 2010, and it’s of little wonder when they produce such masterpieces as this. Burn this onto your MP3, sit back, and let the scenery pass you by.