Oliver Wilde & E B U release free xmas song | NEWS

Oliver Wilde & E B U, 'Yuletide'. 14.12.15

Fed up of Mariah? Had enough of hearing Slade every way you turn? Will the fairy tale of New York ever end? Sure, Christmas is a time for golden oldies to roll out and whilst some are incredible (hiya, Destiny’s Child), it’s understandable that you might be avoiding others at all costs. Thankfully though, it’s also a time where some of our favourite acts get in the festive spirit and come up with a Christmas tune of their very own.

Oliver Wilde and E B U have teamed up for the dreamy ‘Yuletide.’ A mish-mash of their talents, the song is a stunning, festive showcase of loveliness. Scrooge no more because this tune will seriously get you in the mood for mulled things, re-watching Home Alone and giving your annoying Aunt the time of day at the dinner table.

“Ella and I have been talking about doing something together for a while now,” Wilde told us. “I am a massive fan of her music and was basically waiting for an opportunity that suited. We actually talked about doing the show at the Benjamin Perry Boathouse first and as an afterthought said it would be a nice idea to write something for the show. I mean it was never going to be a over the top silly Christmas song in the traditional sense; it only took a few days from start to finish messing around in our bedrooms but I think it feels really Christmassy.”

The pair are playing a very special festive show tonight at the Benjamin Perry Boathouse, with Christmas readings, mulled drinks and cosiness promised.

Listen to and download ‘Yuletide’ for free right here:

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