OLO Worms ‘ICE ESC’ | Single Review

OLO Worms 'ICE ESC' | Self Release | Out Now


Tools down, everyone; OLO Worms are doing a thing. ‘ICE ESC’, the lead track from their upcoming EP, signals a new wave of leftfield offerings from the transmuting collective. With its don’t-sweat-it-man gang vocals and vamping bassline, it’s easily akin to late-00s indie experimenters like Hot Chip or Holy Ghost!, whose talents were nurtured by the myspace generation. It’s only fitting then, that the Worms take pleasure in placing internet tropes and graphics in the blender.

OLO are a rare band; what they sound like is almost irrelevant, with each track acting more as a vessel for their videos, paintings, websites and ramblings. It’s what they do that truly defines them — dancing around in carrier bags, mostly.

Check out the single right here:

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