Clearly bored with his obsession with the London grime scene, rap mega-star Drake has shared a snippet of a new song the samples Bristol producer Peverelist.

In a frankly bizarre video of Drake jogging, it is easy to make out the sounds of Peverelist’s 2007 track ‘Roll With the Punches’ with a new verse by the 6 God himself over the top. Which is pretty mad. Here’s a clip of the song:

There are so many unanswered questions in this video to be honest. Like:

1. Does Drake always go jogging listening to his own music?

2. Why is he jogging in basketball shoes, they can’t be good for his arch support?

3. Why is one of his entourage wearing a full 2016/17 Southampton FC goalkeepers kit?

4. Why are they jogging at night?

Possibly getting caught up on the wrong details here, but anyway.

We can only assume that the 6 God will start dropping babbers and lush in his up coming songs, whilst I personally am looking forward to his probable feature on a new Idles track.