Here at Bristol Live, we like to look out for you guys. You know, just make sure you’re all doing ok and stuff. So to ensure you have the best bank holiday weekend possible, here’s a new track by Bristol noise makers Milo’s Planes.

‘Chandelier’ is the second track from their new Locks EP and carries straight off from where their previous album left off, combining riffs, time signature changes and as much garage punk noise that three guys can muster. It’s the sound of all the most raucous gigs you went to aged 17 squeezed into two and a half minutes. I’m not saying you have to play it to your Nan over your Easter roast, but I’m also not saying it’s a bad idea.

The EP itself will be self-released on the April 1st and contains two new tracks, one of them being ‘Locks’, along with a collection of demos, acoustic versions and remixes from their previous album Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises. All of this plus the band will be playing Start The Bus on the day of release along with Human Bones.

Never say we don’t look after you.

Listen to ‘Chandelier’ below: