Protomartyr ‘The Agent Intellect’ | Album Review

Protomartyr 'The Agent Intellect' | Hardly Art | 09.10.15.

‘The Agent Intellect’ is the follow-up you’d pray for as a Protomartyr fan. While some acts climb up their own bums to make vapid dog eggs that only they call songs, this record is the “what you could have won” of third album offerings.

If Protomartyr’s first album was an attack to the sedated masses, then the haunting pop of opener ‘The Devil In His Youth’ is more a celebration. The industrial, post-punk, hot-and-cold dynamics that made their past work so piercing are still apparent on tracks like ‘Boyce or Boice’, only this time with more pull than push. It’s beautiful; I just hope they attack me with the next one.

Check out ‘Why Does It Shake?’ right here:

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