Lonnie Liston Smith & Gilles Peterson | Preview

Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour: Lonnie Liston Smith & Gilles Peterson. 06.04.15

No company has it’s fingers in quite as many trendy pies as Red Bull. From motorsports to eSports, the Austrian enablers very much have their afore-mentioned fingers on the collective youth pulse. So much so, in fact, that their music faction plays a role in creating and nurturing the next generation of musicians, through their Red Bull Music Academy program.

This year’s Academy will be held in Paris at the back end of 2015 and, on their way to the continent, the RBMA will be dropping into a selection of UK cities to showcase various seminars and shindigs. Bristol is next…

After an extensive weekend and the ceremonious ‘devouring of the lamb’ on Easter Sunday, you may be ready for something a little lighter. The delightfully eclectic stylings of jazz legend Lonnie Liston Smith and musical pioneer, Gilles Peterson will be touching down at the Bristol planetarium on Monday the sixth.

Marking the 40th anniversary of Smith’s seminal album, ‘Expansions’, the pair are holding a ceremonial chin-wag in it’s honour, before a very special collaborative live show.

Surely the most apt setting for Lonnie’s brand of cosmic jazz and an event that is surely not to be missed.

Get up (or down) to speed with some Lonnie Liston Smith here:

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