Last week, we reported on the brilliant ‘Vote This Year, Get Free Beer’ campaign, which sees Bristol-based (and beyond) pubs giving out free pints when you show your registered-to-vote confirmation email.

We thought it was an amazing idea and with only one week left to register, we wanted to do our bit. So, if you’re voting for the first time, just send a screen shot of your registered to vote email (you can block out your address etc!) to info[at]bristollivemagazine[dot]com and in exchange we’ll send you download codes for the following:

  • Sleeptalking – Glasshouse
  • Lionface – Vampire
  • Art is Hard – False Grails: 36 tracks from the past three years of Art is Hard 
  • Goan Dogs – You Drive Me Wild
  • Leeches – Strange Bonds EP

Not sure how to register? It’s super easy – head here! It usually takes about five minutes and you’ll have your confirmation email in no time. Make sure to get to your polling station on June 8 too!

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, check out the video to Sleeptalking’s ‘Glasshouse’ below.