Rob Bravery unveils ‘Fruition’ video | NEWS

Have you picked up our mag this month yet? Noticed who’s on the front page? Well if you haven’t A) What’s wrong with you, and B) you’ll have missed our fantastic interview with Bristol rising star Rob Bravery, whose new single ‘Fruition’ has a snazzy video out today.

Taken off his debut Esque, the track join the cluster of other singles the artist has released over the last year. Take a peek at the video to see shots of Rob looking moody and some really nice dancing, all whilst soundtracked by Rob’s beautifully simple song.

If you haven’t heard him before, Rob is eclectic, bringing in folksy acoustic guitars, stark hip-hop beats and crunching synths. Esque, which was only aired in full yesterday, is a testament to his brilliant songwriting, as much as his varied production.

With odes written about his mother and wife, and firsthand observations of homelessness, drug abuse and broken families, you could say it’s a pretty emotional ride. Mix this all in with Rob’s beautiful voice and you’ve got yourself an album that you should probably drop everything you’re doing to go listen to it right now. Like, actually right this second.

Check out ‘Fruition’ right here: