Scarlet Rascal ‘Venus’ | Video


The first video from Bristol four-piece Scarlet Rascal has surfaced and it’s bristling with not only post-punk influences, but a smouldering danger and quiet intensity that make other bands cut from the same cloth as Joy Division seem frivolous in their outlook.

‘Venus’ gets you strapped in early with driving bass and incessant drum-work, before frontman Luke Brookes’ deadpan vocals set the tone somewhere between Julian Casablancas and Gary Numan. The pace is hurrying but, just when you think that’s your lot, the track gets wings as we’re implored that “She’s coming, she’s coming…” and we’re swept up in a guitar-driven storm that was totally unexpected just a moment earlier. A self-assured and fascinating debut.

Check out the video for ‘Venus’ right here:

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