22nd March | The Louisiana

Bristol trio Sœur have been picking up a sturdy reputation over the past few months for their huge and abrasive rock sounds. With numerous live shows and support slots accounted for (their most recent supporting VANT on tour), the band now are set to take on their next show at the Louisiana this Wednesday.

However, this is no ordinary show, this is to mark the release of their debut EP What Separates Us. What separates Sœur from the rest of pack is their refreshing output and direct in-your-face approach with dual female vocals that pack a wallop, slick drumming and nail-biting guitar rhythms that all come together for an exhilarating listen. Talking about their debut release, singer Anya, explains “whether it be an internal separation of the mind or the great separations instilled by society, we wanted to show people that ultimately, we create the things that separate us and that they are insignificant and impermanent.”

As far as recommendation goes, Sœur are certainly up there with the best and their hometown show promises to be a real treat, with fellow bands Armchair Committee and Dead Royalties joining in on the action.

Grab your tickets here. Check out the band’s new single ‘Put You On’ below.