Spectres had a pretty great 2015 didn’t they? The Bristol band not only released their fantastic, and critically lauded, debút album “Dying”, they also managed to piss off heaps of people by releasing a Bond theme far better than Sam Smith’s bland effort and also releasing a music video for their track “This Purgatory” that featured them mercilessly killing a number of Radio 1 presenters. Oh also they did a cover of “Wonderful Christmas Time” that featured more feedback than I thought humanly possible and a um plastic doll’s leg. So yeah, a pretty good year.

Not ones to sit back for very long though, Spectres have smashed into 2016 with a remixes album for “Dying” called (obviously) “Dead”. The album contains remixes of all the album from a whole host of musicians, both from Bristol and further afield. Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite, Ride’s Andy Bell and Hookworms all take helm of a track, as well as Bristol’s Oliver Wilde and Giant Swan. Apparently the only instruction they gave was to “Kill Our Songs”, and the varied, but fantastic output shows they did just that.

Frontman Joe Hatt said that the band “put together a list of artists who we admired, and thought would deliver a varied and eclectic mix. Some were close friends who are conveniently making some of the best music around, and others were pipe dreams that we thought would never happen. It was both nerve-wracking and fun waiting for each of the artists’ versions to arrive in our inbox, and some definitely surprised us; but none disappointed.”

If you want to get your hands on a copy you’ll have to wait till March 25th, but in the meantime dive into Stuart Braithwaite’s rework of ‘This Purgatory’, a beautiful rework of the originally punishing track.

The full tracklisting of ‘Dead’ will be:

1. Drag (Vision Fortune)
2. Where Flies Sleep (Jah Hatt Fears Spectres)
3. The Sky Of All Places (Hookworms)
4. Family (Oliver Wilde)
5. This Purgatory (Blood Music)
6. Mirror (Giant Swan)
7. Blood In The Cups (Dominic Mitchison)
8. Sink (Factory Floor)
9. Lump (Gramrcy)
10. Sea Of Trees (Richard Fearless)
11. Mirror (Robert Hampson)
12. Sea Of Trees (Andy Bell)
13. This Purgatory (Stuart Braithwaite – Mogwai)

Check out ‘This Purgatory’ right here: