Tail Feather - ‘Knocked Down / All Of A Sudden’ | AA-Side Review

Tail Feather - 'Knocked Down / All Of A Sudden' | Willow Tree | 10.03.14

When it comes to the well-tread sound of the 70s, it takes a lot to stand with greats like Fleetwood Mac or Cream, but (recently) Bristolian four-piece Tail Feather are well on their way. Following last year’s acclaimed single ‘Spellbinder’, comes a brand new AA-side, produced by Graham Dominy [Robert Plant, Ray Davies]; thus veritably dripping in retroscopic feels.

‘Knocked Down’s whiskey-swilled aesthetic is irresistible, weaving a narrative steeped in coy blues tradition. Although not overtly psychedelic, it’s hard not to become lost amongst its guitar-led groove, gang vocals and hypnotic ooh-ing.

While equally warm, side two’s ‘All Of A Sudden’ is conversely upbeat. Complete with claps and culminating something of a hoedown, its counterpoint makes this double-helping a sun-bleached 70s window into the album to come.

Knocking the imitators for six, Tail Feather’s sincerity will have them peddling their well-honed craft for a long time to come.

Listen to the AA-side right here:

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