Tamu Massif ‘Alba’ | EP Review

Tamu Massif 'Alba' | Chiverin | 16.06.15.

Restraint can sometimes offer an essence of purity. Clamour and clatter are a thing of the past. The future is sparse. It’s often said that less is more and that’s more or less the ethos of (originally) Weston Super Man, Dave Dixon.

His Tamu Massif moniker serves as an outlet for the particular brand of stripped-bare beats championed by the likes of The XX or even Bon Iver. His subdued crooning is akin to that of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman and some of his glitchier moments beg comparisons with Dan Snaith’s Manitoba excursions.

These resemblances are not to Dixon’s detriment. They act as a showcase for an artist who is able to cherry pick the finer elements of his peers and craft them into something more personal. This EP is a light collage of ideas; both engaging and casual at the same time, serving as the perfect appetiser for a full release.

Check out ‘Jejune / Selene’ right here:

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