The Horrors | Preview

The Horrors @ O2 Academy, Bristol. 01.10.14.


The Horrors tend to scupper any plans you might have of predicting their next musical move. The truth is that this band have no defining sound, merely a jagged and winding timeline packed with curveballs.

Their debut album ‘Strange House’ left more than a few people hooked on this level of unpredictability, but now the times of eyeliner and gothic cuts are firmly behind them - and well, have been for some years. Moving through to the paisley days of ‘Primary Colours’ and ‘Skying’ the band have managed to captivate the masses with dreamy synths and feather-soft vocals.

Not ones to buck any trend, the latest record ‘Luminous’ plays into their illusive history, again in its own wired world. Expect more recent stuff as the band return to the Academy (1st); if last time is anything to go by, expect to be truly lost in a world of strobing energy, rammed with iconic tracks from the bands vivid history.

Check out ‘I See You’ right here:

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