Those with keen eyes may have noticed that beloved Bristol venue The Louisiana has been changing over the last few months. Not huge changes mind, just little bits here and there; a fresh gleam to a place that has hosted an absolute ton of great acts on its legendary stage over the years.

Venue manager and head booker Mig told us about the work that had been happening at the venue recently: “Over the last few months, we have bought a new mixing desk, new mics, new outboard and new amps. One of our engineers is also a great lighting tech and has done work at Montreux jazz festival etc. Both he & Laure Noverraz (who works at The Louisiana and is also a fantastic freelance photographer) came up with the suggestions for how to redesign the stage as it was in serious need of updating. The result is that we now have a stage that looks and sounds amazing.”

You probably haven’t noticed any let up in the great gigs that The Louisiana puts on over the last few months though. Mig explained that, “Being a family run venue, we haven’t got the financial clout to close the venue for a month to do a full refurb. We’ve had to do the refurb in stages.”

With the refit being pretty much complete, The Louisiana looks and sounds better than ever. Make sure you get yourself down to a show soon and check out the new set up, as well as catching a brilliant live act in “one of the best sounding venues in the UK!”