The St Pierre Snake Invasion ‘A Hundred Years A Day’ | Album Review

The St Pierre Snake Invasion 'A Hundred Years A Day' | Self-release | 31.10.15.

You can tell upon first listen that St. Pierre are saying something important with their debut full-length. Rather impressively, the five-piece smashed out all eleven tracks with less than three days in the studio, something reflected now more than ever in their urgent, post-hardcore sound.

There’s a maniacal yet composed nature around the whole thing. Frontman Damien Sayell bosses it throughout; one minute there’s near-composure and the next flat out screaming, the best example perhaps being the cutely named, ‘Sex Dungeons & Dragons’.

This release amounts to a deft, Mclusky-esque sifting of the bullsh*t of culture today, “If the only way is essex you can kill me now” they slag behind a boozy bassline. Tell you what, if you’re into heavier music, this may be the only Bristol band you need in your life right now.

Check out ‘If The Only Way Is Essex…’ right here: 

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