The Traps

Since 2011, brothers Nick and Jamie Berry, Daniel Webb and James Minhas have been making their own unique brand of pop music. Opting for the DIY ethos, the band have had a smattering of releases, including their debut LP ‘Calypso’, all through their own label Speech Fewapy Records.

They make me believe that some element of the Old West lives on in their hometown of Birmingham, the trembling pace of their music a soundtrack to an age gone by. There’s a patience and sure step in their stride that eschews a confidence rarely found in a band of their size, and with the release of new single ‘Imposter’ the band are further cementing themselves as extremely talented songwriters. A unique blend of the starkness of the Wild West and the synthetic palette of bands like New Order, this is a future we should all have time for.

Watch their video for ‘Imposter’ right here: