Tobias Jesso Jr. | Preview

Tobias Jesso Jr. @ Thekla, Bristol. 27.11.15

“You can’t miss Tobias Jesso Jr. He’s six foot seven”, a vintage styled poster promoting the man recently proclaimed. This could well be true, but the arrival of the Canadian’s debut album ‘Goon’ has given us other reasons for not being able to miss him.

Playing alone onstage, he’s a towering presence both physically and emotionally. Tracks such as ‘Without You’ sincerely drive home a certain level of heartache and pain. It’s an authentic and troubled record, packed with character traits and oddities that have no-doubt sealed an adoration in this country for his music. Appearances such as Jools Holland and The Great Escape have also fast helped him reach the ears of alternative music lovers and now he’s got a date with Thekla this November.

It’s a night that’s guaranteed to come with a sense of poignancy and importance. As one of the great new songwriters of our generation you can expect the boat to be bustling with anticipation. After-all, his creativity is both relentless and inspiring.

Check out the video for ‘Without You’ below:

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