Traams ‘Modern Dancing’ | Album Review

Traams 'Modern Dancing' | FatCat | 13.11.15.

Post-punk trio Traams have been pretty quiet over the last year or so — that’s why the arrival of their second album ‘Modern Dancing’ is not just a blessing, it’s a relief.

Anyone who’s caught their intense and steamy live shows will know upon first listen that this is a record very much born out of live sensibilities. Yet it’s clear that things are more honed than ever. While they breeze through energetic, krautrock-style numbers like ‘Two Sides’, they also manage to kindle their more reclined side with the quite effortless ‘Silver Lining’ and more.

The sharp, nasally vocal of Stuart Hopkins really strings the whole thing together; this is a true statement of intent from these guys that follows on brilliantly from their cold-hearted debut ‘Grin’. Perhaps most importantly, they remain a band with their own identity and sound, something all too hard to come by these days.

Check out ‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’ right here: 

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