Start the Bus | Friday March 18

It’s fair to say that Traams have been an elusive bunch since they first rumbled through our lug-holes. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly the case, but they’ve definitely been doing a pretty good job of omitting Bristol since the unhinging debut album ‘Grin’.

Tonight that wait was brought to a shuddering halt with a brief set in the busy confines of Start The Bus. They open with ‘Costner’ from the more urgent second record ‘Modern Dancing’ and people spill down the steps. It reflects that the Bristol music community has been pining for these guys to come back with their own headline show. The nonchalant kraut-rock style that we know so well is fully in-tact from the get-go.

It’s by no means a rowdy one, but that’s not to say people aren’t going for it. Traams offer both some much needed headspace and a form of release. Pint glasses are lobbed carelessly onto the floor as chums grapple one another. It’s quite a warming site as those onstage plough their full efforts into creating something rampant and meaningful.

After bringing some older numbers like ‘Head Roll’, it becomes apparent why this band are held so dearly. It’s because they’re pushing something different. Whether that’s the distinct vocal of cap wearing Stuart Hopkins or the delightful melodies that glue it all together, there’s just something original with these guys. It’s a return that leaves us desperately wishing for another fix as festival season creeps up on us.

Check out ‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’ right here: