The wheels of time keep on a-turnin, and with it, more music happens. That’s just the way it works. Listen to the best tracks from the last week of continual Earth orbit below:

Chaouche – I’ll Lose My Head

‘I’ll Lose My Head’ is a song in several parts. The first, dark and brooding, has the Bristolian’s beautiful voice tucked behind layers of slow building synths. All of a sudden though, the track takes a turn, expanding out, pianos cutting through the synths and her sweet, layered harmonies create a hypnotic rhythm. Out on Late Night Tales imprint Night Time Stories, this is a very special debut single.

Hazel English – Fix

Returning just in time for the sunny weather, ‘Fix’ is yet another beautifully airy, shimmering single from Hazel English. Simple, echoing guitar plays lightly over her washed-out vocal, it’s relaxing quality at odds with Hazel’s whisper that she “wants to feel alright”. Another warm, sepia-tinged single from the US singer.

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.

Another week, another Kendrick Lamar song. ‘HUMBLE.’ is a straight up banger, with a simple, hard-hitting beat, braggadocious lyrics and Kendrick calling for everyone else to “Sit down, be humble”. Probably the most straightforward song that the Compton rapper has released for a very long time, it has fairly shallow lyrical content (especially compared to King Kendrick’s usual topic choice) and rarely deviates from its simple flow. It’s definitely a good song to have in your arsenal for a house party though, plus the video is stunning.

Factory Seconds – Caught in the Layers

The newest edition to Bristol’s Art is Hard postcard series, Factory Second’s reveal a shimmering, soul-baring song. The husky vocals, sparse and raw instrumentation give the song a vulnerability, but the powerful chorus and haywire guitars make it an uplifting and special listen.

No Violet – Petty Child

Dark, brooding and intense, No Violet’s newest single puts the Bristol band in a very good position to break out of the city. The glitching guitars and jarring vocals places the song in between grunge and post-punk, both spiky and fuzz-filled. Plus the elephant-stampede of a riff will stick in your head for at least a week.

Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny

Hopefully you’ll have heard this song by now, what with it being off Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition, but the song’s new 80’s sitcom inspired video means it’s definitely worth a re-listen. Directed by Jonah Hill, the video’s faded technicolour aesthetic juxtaposes nicely with the song’s manic horns and Brown’s unhinged vocal delivery.

Amber Arcades – Can’t Say That We Tried

The first taste of Amber Arcades new EP ‘Cannonball’, ‘Can’t Say That We Tried’ is a slower, sparser side to Amber Arcades than before. Compared to the motorik shoegaze of some of the group’s last EP, the simple, slowly building organ and beautiful vocals let the tight pop writing of the track shine through.

Meal Deals – Bath Time

Released on Major Leagues, this new one from Meals Deals is dreamy brilliance. Choppy, Orange-Juice style guitar and a meandering bassline, create light, breezy instrumentation for the darker, almost monotone vocals to sigh onto. Catchy, lo-fi fun.

Art School Jocks – Just A Gwen

Scuzzy and lo-fi, ‘Just a Gwen’ sarcastically delivers the kind of advice that no woman should have to take. “Cover your legs up, watch your drink/ In fact don’t let them buy you a drink” the deadpan vocals spit before leading to a chorus of “I want to feel comfort … walking alone”. A sad depiction of the society we still live in, but it’s garage-punk barbs should provide at least some remedy.

Tony Peachka – Gossip Girl

A gut-punch of punk guitar, ‘Gossip Girl’ is a hell of a lot of fun. Off Forged Artifacts’ new compilation cassette The Greatest of All Time Vol 2, the track is a riot that starts off with the ultra-relatable line “I’m bored, I’m horny/ I work too much, I’m lonely”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek slacker-punk anthem, the kind of song that should soundtrack everyone’s teenage years.

Check back next week for the latest hot tracks!