Though still reeling and getting my head round the new Kendrick album, I managed to put together a list of the best songs that came out in the list week. Get involved below:

Ardyn – Together

Gloucestershire-based brother/sister duo Ardyn have shown us glimpses of their brilliance before, often through dark, sparse compositions.’Together’ feels different though, and it’s purposeful bassline announces its pop intentions from the off. The vocals are confident and the beautiful chorus send the duo to new heights.

The Dolce Vita – Outside

The debut single from London five-piece The Dolce Vita distills their raucous live sound into a light, 60s-tinged pop delight. The guitars chime and dance, languidly underscoring the urgent vocals which steer the song to the climactic chorus.

The Lizards – She Goes Down

‘She Goes Down’ feels like it could go on forever; it moves so slowly you’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to it at half speed. It’s splashing cymbals and meandering bassline wrap around you like a fuzzy blanket, whilst whirling synths and washed out vocals dance in and out like light dappling your eyelids. Basically, if you haven’t already guessed, ‘She Goes Down’ is a huge psychedelic banger.

Frank Ocean – Lens

Frank has been quietly dropping a new song every two weeks for over a month now with every single track being great, obviously. ‘Lens’ continues his trend for quietly confident, sparse pop songs. Whether or not these tracks are offcuts from Blonde or are new compositions isn’t clear, but they’re more than good enough to have nestled somewhere on the album. Also, Frank recently played Trust Fund on his latest Beats1 radio show, proving conclusively that he is the greatest.

Modern Rituals – Protrusion

Off the Bristol band’s upcoming split EP with Brunch, ‘Protrusion’ is a slow burning, atmospheric punk hitter. The intricate verses give way to an full-throttle chorus, mixing bits of Slint and American Football together with harder influences to create a moody but shimmering sound. The EP is out on 12th May, and you should also go celebrate its launch at the Louisiana on the 20th May.

Two Day Coma – Still Swimming

You may have heard this delicate single from Two Day Coma, what with it being off the Bristol three-piece’s EP ‘A Few Days That We Don’t Speak Of’, but you won’t probably have seen the excellent new visuals that go with the track. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of listening, let yourself be absorbed by the tender melodies that grow and grow as the track builds.

Oliver Wilde – Afternoon Mesh 847

After releasing two incredible records less than a year apart, it’s surprising that Bristol’s Oliver Wilde has anything left, but this weekend he dropped another project. Though the fantastically named And This is Where the Tragic Happens is technically a collection of cuts from his last album, it’s still an impressively immersive body of work. Opener ‘Afternoon Mesh 847’ sets the scene for this beautifully introverted collection of songs.

Body Clocks – Dialogue

We premiered this new one from the Bristol electronic duo earlier this week. Our writer Kezia Cochrane had this to say about it:

Ahead of their next residency night in the depths of Take 5 café Body Clocks are releasing their third single, also entitled ‘Dialogue’, which sees them further expand their compelling and ambient sonic landscapes. An expansive and immersive track that weaves pulsing beats through soaring melodies and moments of sparse, ethereality, ‘Dialogue’ further confirms the duo’s ever growing reputation for crafting a captivating and rich blend of infectious rhythms and atmospheric instrumentation.

Crushing – Sleeping Bag

As warm and fuzzy as the songs title, ‘Sleeping Bag’ is the kind of song that helps to keep the angsty teen alive in all our hearts. Brighton’s Crushing are made up from members of Personal Best and Cheap Lad Pints, and are set to release their debut self-titled EP on 2nd May. In the meantime, climb into ‘Sleeping Bag’.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks.