Those with keen eyes may have noticed that we’ve been a bit lax on compiling tracks of the week. Well very lax. But don’t you worry, we’re back bitches, with a round-up of some of our favourite tracks that have found their way to our ears this week. Taking in the best of Bristol and beyond, expect a lot of stuff you haven’t heard, stuff you have and probably some Drake. In fact, that seems as good a place as any to start…

Drake Ft The Throne - Pop Style

Drake dropped not one, but two songs this week and, to be honest, I would put both on this list. But there can only be one winner, and Drake telling us that “got too many chains they call me Chaining Tatum” over scattered hi-hats and a ethereal vocal sample clinches it for ‘Pop Style’. Watch out as well for an appearance by two little guys called Jay Z and Kanye West.

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Posture - I Can’t Wait to See My Girl

Released by Beech Coma, ‘I Can’t Wait to See My Girl’ has you pining for the sun to stop messing us around. It’s a brilliant slice of surf-pop, stuffed full of jangly riffs and longing.

We Are Scientists - Too Late

In the week that #indieamnesty took over twitter, it’s only right that We Are Scientists returned with new single (I still have a kebab box that I made Keith Murray sign #indieamnesty). ‘Too Late’ is less early riff driven We Are Scientists, and more smooth synth Brain Thrust Mastery era.

Yeasayer - Gerdon’s Whistle

Another blast from the past, experimental Brooklyn four-piece Yeasayer are back with their new album Amen & Goodbye this week. As expected, it’s baffling psychedelic electronica, and highlight ‘Gerdon’s Whistle’ is no different.

Fenne Lily - Top to Toe

One of Bristol’s own, Fenne has slowly but surely winning over all of our collective hearts with her delicate, beautiful acoustic sound. ‘Top to Toe’, her first proper single is everything we hoped for; a gentle, intimate ballad focussed around Fenne’s beautiful voice.

The Orielles - Jobin

Youthful surf-pop at it’s finest. The three piece released their second EP, also called ‘Jobin’, this week on Bristol/London imprint Art is Hard, and every track is absolutely drenched in reverb and fun. ‘Jobin’ stands out though, if only for its addictive chorus.

Oliver Wilde - Bifida

On Thursday, and with no warning, Oliver decided to drop this new track, with only an apologetic tweet for company. Although it did mean having to rejig this ENTIRE ARTICLE, it did also give me at least half an hour of bliss as I listened to it on repeat 8 times. A beautifully weird song, the kind of which we’ve come to expect from Oliver.

Gorgeous Bully - Beaucoup

A second release from Art is Hard on this list, and a second slice of blissed guitar-pop. With vocals more distorted than the guitar that accompanies it, it’s easy to lose track of time in the hypnotic end refrain of “It’s a year, it’s a day”.

Proto Idiot - Idiot Blues

Some stomping garage rock from Manchester that seem to contain equal amounts of Black Lips and The Kinks and pretty much everything else in-between. The vocals sound like a mix of Buzzcocks and Marc Bolan whilst the riffs are the most garage rock you’ve ever heard.

Parquet Courts - Human Performance

The New York band released their third album this week and it is absolutely full of great tracks. ‘Human Performance’ though is something a little different from the band. Not quite as lo-fi or as frantic as usual, the lyrics show the band doing what they do best, turning the daily and mundane into something beautiful.

Check back next week for more tracks