Summer has well and truly teased us this week. I actually wore a t-shirt outside and contemplated wearing shorts. Didn’t actually wear them mind, not that warm yet. But summer is only round the corner. And it better come soon because every day that spring drags on I die a 1000 hay fever deaths.

Anyways, here’s a completely unrelated list of songs that came out this week, some of which may put you in the mood for sunny weather. Others might not. But it’s not actually summer yet, so stop complaining.

Trust Fund – Crisps

A little one off track here from Bristol’s best singer/songwriter. The candidness and angst of every single one of Ellis’ songs often makes me wonder whether he’s actually narrating my inner-monologue, only my inner-monologue is nowhere near as lyrically deft and can’t sing for shit. ‘Crisps’ will hit you right in the heart the way only Trust Fund can. Plus it’s being released as part of No Dice Tapes’ charity compilation for Trans Action. So basically, everything about it’s amazing.

The Big Moon – Something Beautiful

It’s a bit unfair that this is a B-side. Most bands come up with one song this good in their whole career, but 4-piece Londoners The Big Moon are chucking this absolute gem on a B-side. Slightly less chaotic than their other releases, ‘Something Beautiful’ is cold and shimmering, but with a chorus that shows how much potential the young band have.

Mitski – Happy

A beautiful new single from the New Yorker, and the first one off new album Puberty 2. It glitches and pulsates, twisting from it’s unnerving introduction to the sax-led, sky kissing chorus.

Personal Best – I Go Quiet

The stand out track from the Portsmouth via Bristol band’s new 7”, ‘I Go Quiet’ see’s the band flaunting their new look lineup by making the kind of riff heavy power-pop they’re so good at.

Local Natives – Past Lives

It’s been over three years since we heard from Local Natives, and let me tell you, I’ve missed Taylor Rice’s shivering, delicate, beautiful voice. Luckily he’s on amazing form ever, backed by the huge cinematic sounds of his band. Don’t worry, there are some of the tasty harmonies Local Natives do so well chucked in there as well.

Xenia Rubinos – Black Star

The new track from the Brooklyn songwriter first comes at you hard, with it’s glitching and punching synths, but then turns tender, with her voice ushering in a beautiful soul/funk break down halfway in. Written against the backdrop of deaths, both personal and national, ‘Black Star’ is inspiring to say the least.

The Creases – Impact

Some big radio friendly indie rock from young Australians The Creases. With it’s choppy guitars, big sweeping synths and HUGE chorus, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a long forgotten b-side from a 90’s indie band. This is the kind of song that needs a stadium to properly hold it.

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

Guess this one’s too huge to leave out. Thom Yorke, his ponytail and those other guys are back with what is, to be quite honest, a brilliantly batshit new song. It seems to walk the line between beautiful and menacing perfectly. Also check out the video (like you haven’t already watched it).

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Will he ever let us down? Shedding the retro feel of both 20/20 Experience albums, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ is a huge summer ready jam. It’s got pretty much everything in: Daft Punk synths, blaring trumpets and Justin saying “break it down” in the way only he can. Not going to lie, this is probably all you’ll be listening to this weekend.

James Blake – I Need a Forest Fire (feat. Bon Iver)

What is it with artists and last minute releases at the moment? It’s almost like they want me to have to write whole days off just listening to their new records. Anyway, next to do a Beyonce/Drake/whoever is James Blake. Fresh off working with Bey, James is back to doing what he does best: weird electronica that makes you cry. ‘I Need A Forest Fire’ takes a slow garage vocal sample and pairs it with two of the best male vocalists going whilst they try to out harmonise each other.

Check back next week for more tracks