Now the sun is out(ish), it’s a good time to start compiling your summer playlists, and it’s with this in mind that I’ve chose this week’s tracks. Yes, I do think that Death Grips is summery. No, I won’t hear otherwise.

Speedy Ortiz – Death Note

Q: Will Speedy Ortiz ever disappoint?
A: No, of course fucking not.
‘Death Note’ is taken off the band’s new EP Foiled Again and is named after the Anime of the same name. Also it’s fucking great, full of cruching guitars and Sadie Dupuis’ menacing vocals. Apparently it’s about “how in that way a death note can be kind of love letter to yourself”, so yeah, it’s heavy.

Birthday – We Need To Talk

This new one from the collaborative project between Kamran from Fake Laugh and producer LUKA is as breezy as they come. The lo-fi hiphop drums coupled with the hazy vocals and lackadaisical guitars create the kind of track that it only feels right listening to whilst wearing sunglasses.

Garden Centre – Riding

Garden Centre are the supergroup you never knew you wanted. Comprised from members of King of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, and Keel Her, ‘Riding’ is the band’s first proper release and is, as you’d expect from members of those bands, fragile indie pop at it’s best. Their self titled debut is out June 24th and I could not be more excited.

YAKONA – Sonder

The first track off Bristol based production team Yakona’s stunning self-titled debut EP. ‘Sonder’ builds and builds, with isolated and echoing piano stabs break through the skittering drum beat, rumbling with the same menacing minimalism as Burial. Before you know it, you head is filled with lush instrumentation, entrancing you.

Metronomy – Old Skool

It’s no coincidence that one man electro-pop king Metronomy aka Joe Mount’s new album is called Summer 08 and this song is called ‘Old Skool’. Both names seem to be a wry, ironic examination of his new sound, which seems to sound quite a bit like his old sound. Where his last few album’s saw him mellowing out sonically, ‘Old Skool’ is full of the disco synths, funky basslines and weird noises that made Nights Out so fantastic. Also features some old skool hip-hop scratching. Make of that what you will.

Hush Moss – It Takes A Lot

I’ve seen Hush Moss described as “tropical lounge-core” which a) is one of the most bizarre tags I’ve ever seen a band given and b) makes complete sense. I mean, just listen to that cheesy 80’s sax. It’s great. The only appropriate dance to this song is one that involves a creepy amount of hip thrusting, and for that reason alone, it’s brilliant.

Death Grips – Bubbles Buried in This Jungle

Just when you think that you’ve got experimental noise rap trio Death Grips pegged, they blow your head off all over again. The last thing I expected the band to do was return with an album that is accessible (well, for Death Grips) and with a few songs that you could probably get away with putting on in public. ‘Bubbles Buried in This Jungle’ fits nicely into that category, with it’s huge bassline and shouted vocals actually sounding pretty, um, playful. Kinda

Chance The Rapper – Finish Line / Drown

Seriously, how am I expected to keep up with so many surprise releases? I’m but one man and already this year has had more surprises and twists in it than an M. Night Shyamalan movie (culture reference for you all there). Chicago rapper/super nice guy Chance the Rapper’s third effort Coloring Book is another interesting step for one of the most exciting young rappers. ‘Finish Line / Drown’ features like a million other people, but it’s beautifully layered gospel vocals, and Harry Potter reference, make it a stand out on the mixtape.

Listen on Apple Music here

Skating – Ultra Blue

A wonderfully lo-fi and melancholy 50’s Rock’n’Roll waltz from Connecticut band Skating. Off their new album of the same name, the ‘Blue Moon’ like guitars and whirring organ form the perfect juxtaposition to the pained and screaming vocals.

Mø – Final Song

Big party tune from Mø, the current queen of Scandinavian pop (admittedly there are a lot of great contenders). Clearly her time working with Diplo has rubbed off, with ‘Final Song’ being probably her most chart accessible song that she’s released so far. Her beautiful vocals, penchant for a tender piano line and ear for a hook very much remain.

Check back next week for more tracks