I’m sure a lot of you are suffering from a lot of different types of blues, most of you several different types. Hopefully the assembled list of songs can help you to, in some small way, feel a bit more positive. There’s some sultry R&B, beautifully theatric pop and gritty barbed punk, so something for all your moods. Check them out below:

Rhain – Josephine

Bristol’s Rhain has a voice so dramatic and haunting, the only place I can imagine her performing is on the moor between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Luckily, she’s announced a load of festival dates on top of her new single ‘Josephine’, so you should probably watch her at one of those instead. The song is simple, featuring mostly just piano and her voice, but slowly pans out to reveal a world hiding just behind her mesmerising vocals.

Joanna Gruesome – Pretty Fucking Sick of it All

One of two reworked offcuts from the bands ‘Peanut Butter’ album recording sessions, ‘Pretty Fucking Sick of it All’ is, as you can probably guess from the title, spiky from the offset. Written about struggles they had on their recent US tour, the track features squealing guitars, screamed vocals and a double speed outro. Probably one of the band’s most heavy to date.

Hush Moss – Slowly Disappear

If Berlin-based outfit Hush Moss’ last effort/first single didn’t have you air-humping into oblivion, then I’m sure ‘Slowly Disappear’’s sultry sax will sort you right out. Seriously, my hips hurt from repeatedly putting this on and dancing like your Uncle after too many ales at some sort of family gathering.

Sunface – Two Things

If the sun ever ever ever decides to bother coming out this summer, then ‘Two Things’ is primed to make the whole experience even better. Dreamy and simple, Sunface’s vocals dance in and out of vocal samples as stripped back guitars strum in the background.

He Will Add – Dream Dreamer

One thing I thank the internet for every day is songwriters like London’s He Will Add. Ok, so artists like him would probably have still squirreled away in their rooms making beautiful dream pop, but it’s thanks to the internet that these intimate creations get to see the light of day. ‘Dream Dreamer’ is like a puff of smoke; it swirls around, never stands still, but never quite comes into focus.

JaJa Kisses – Silver Knickers

London R&B singer JaJa Kisses adds her voice to a smooth, hazy, almost vaporwave beat for her new single. Her vocals run over each other, filling in the spaces left blank by the minimal yet pulsating beat.

Doe – Sincere

The first single from the London punk band’s debut album hits all the right spots. Recorded with Hookworms’ Matthew Johnson it’s tight melodies and harmonies plus crunching guitars prove why the three piece will always be a Bristol Live favourite.

Japanese Breakfast – Jane Cum

For the first minute this track is slow, atmospheric and airy. Then out of nowhere crashing waves of distortion sweep over everything, with singer Michelle Zauner’s voice straining to be heard over the guitars and then…quiet again. A masterclass in restraint.

Blood Orange – Augustine

It seems odd to have to pick one track from Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes’ third outing. As a body of work, it’s politicised message and sparse funk set it apart from anything else released this year. ‘Augustine’, one of many stand outs, perfectly encapsulates his brand of mournful, personal funk.

Aaron Holm – Little One

Ever felt that everything would be better if time went a bit slower? Not like loads, just enough that you have time to actually appreciate it. Listening to Seattle dweller Aaron Holm’s new track feels a bit like you’re actually slowing down time. His pulsating electronica sucks you in, slowly stopping the clock.

Check back next week for another bowlful of tracks