Use you mouse right now to scroll down this page. I promise it’ll be worth it. You see, I’ve packed it full of music for you. Really good music. Go on, just have a look:

Super Best Friends Club – Humans

‘Humans’ perfectly walks the line between full on electro like Hot Chip and melodic, intricate guitar music, like Vampire Weekend, and ends up as batshit, eclectic slice of pop. With bits of what sound suspiciously like country, 100 mph singing and wonderful harmonies, if you can catch up with it, ‘Humans’ is blisteringly good.

Gothic Tropic – Don’t Give Me Up

Crushing together the muted guitars and catchy choruses that Haim do so well, with menacing synths and scattered drums is no easy task, but ‘Don’t Give Me Up’ more than succeeds. It’s the latest track off Gothic Tropic’s new album, and easily the best yet.

Zuzu – Get Off

It’s pretty easy to see why Liverpool-based Zuzu are getting Courtney Barnett comparisons, what with her propensity for slacker guitars and husky vocals. Whilst this is definitely no bad thing (Zuzu in fact supported the Australian on her recent tour), you’ll be missing out on an absolute grunge-inspired belter, and a fantastic new act, if you over look her.

Joe Probert – Shake This Fate

The first track off the young Bristolian’s debut EP balances folk stomp and indie pop banger. Recorded in his garden, yet sounding sleek and well produced, ‘Shake This Fate’ is driven along by a driving rhythm section and Joe’s tender but crunchy vocals.

Bad Sounds – Wages

Going to level with you here, I have a real soft spot for trumpets, so if there’s an abundance of horns on a track, I’m probably going to like it. Bad Sounds have nailed not only the trumpets, but have written a chorus more addictive than nicotine and created the biggest pop anthem the 90’s never had. There’s a reason the track was Annie Mac’s hottest record, and that reason is that it’s absolute fire emoji.

Prinze George – Freeze

A standout single on the trio’s recent album Illiterate Synth Pop, ‘Freeze’ bangs with the same intensity as Robyn. Padded synths and atmospheric vocals are underlined by a pounding kick drum and constantly bubbling electronics to create, funnily enough, very fun synth pop.

The Goon Sax – Sweaty Hands

This lo-fi number from the teenage Aussies carries a sadness beyond their young years, and shows what all the hype around them has been about. “Walk past an apartment and hear Abba,” deadpans Louis Forster, “It makes me cry.” I know how you feel mate, I really do.

Perfume Genius – Can’t Help Falling In Love

Perfume Genius can do no wrong. ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ is a stone cold classic. Obviously sticking the two together is perfect.

Download the track here (scroll down a bit) 

Let’s Eat Grandma – Sax In The City

A re-up for this due to the creepy video, which features the duo crawling around London town dressed as babies, as a slimy MP hypnotises the country. All of this plus the fantastically catchy saxophone riff and intertwining vocals from one of the best new acts to emerge this year.

Rain – Lethargy

Awash with fuzz guitars, but with a tight, driving rhythm, the new track from Swindon-based shoegaze band Rain is a real anthem. Soft vocals and crashing stadium drums help to show the band’s new intent.

Listen to it on DIY 


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