Photo by Charlotte Patmore

I’m still recovering from Simple Things. That is the only way I can describe tracks of the week to you this week. Realistically, after having my head blown apart by Death Grips, all I want to be listening to is one of those whale song CD’s but instead I have pulled this list of amazing new music for you. This week, more than any other week, please be grateful:

Estrons – I’m Not Your Girl

An absolute punch to the head, ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ is a defiant punk banger, snarling and gritty, with a rallying cry chorus that’ll stick between your ears. It’s the first one off the band’s new EP ‘She’s Here Now’, and is a good sign of things to come.

Our Girl – No Big Deal

Grungy and sludgy from the first second, it would have been the easiest thing in the world for Our Girl to let ‘No Big Deal’ rattle along at that same intensity right until the final chord. However, the Brighton trio balance their brilliantly written song with incredible dynamics, breaking up the fuzz with stabs of extra distortion and then sudden calm.

Andy Shauf – Quite Like You

Giving this track off Andy Shauf’s album The Party a little bit of extra attention due to the wonderful visuals that accompany it. The song is the kind of breezy, low key fun that Shauf specialises in and the weird illustrations in the video capture the vibe perfectly.

Run The Jewels – Talk To Me

Just in time for the US election, the best rap pairing OF ALL TIME (fight me) come back with a new song to bust down doors to. Whilst ‘Talk To Me’ the beat is fairly subdued when compared to the huge dystopian sounds that dominated early tracks from RTJ2, Killer Mike and El-P’s verse swapping antics and razor sharp lines are still better than yr favourite rapper at their best.

The Japanese House – Swim Against the Tide

Just before playing Bristol this week, Japanese House have hashtag blessed us with an eerie new track. It recalls the xx at their most organic, with a drum machine skittering whilst chords strum slowly over the top. If you weren’t already excited for their date here on Thursday, you will be now.

Thee MVPs – Funeral

‘Funeral’ has been a live staple for Thee MVPs for a few years now, but this new recording shows just how fun it is. A skate-punk thrash in the same mould as FIDLAR, the tune rides along on light surf guitars being played as aggressively as possible. It’s easy to see why ex-Pulled Apart By Horses drummer Lee Vincent is putting the track out.

Jay Prince – Father Father

Starting off a pitched up gospel sample that smells of a certain Mr West, but changing up with a flow that balances the soulfulness of Chance the Rapper and the double time of Young Thug, ‘Father Father’ is a big bouncing tune that gathers together everything great about hip-hop right now.

D.R.A.M – WiFi ft. Erykah Badu

I’m not sure D.R.A.M, one of raps true weirdos, is actually able to make a boring song. No matter what you think of his music, it’s just never dull, never predictable and usually it’s fire. ‘WiFi’ shows another side to him and finds him cheeseily crooning over a neo-soul beat, perfectly swapping verses with Erykah Badu.

Honeyblood – Sea Hearts

‘Sea Hearts’ is the kinda big punk anthem that you wish could soundtrack every house party you’ve attended. I reckon 9/10 times sticking this on at a house party would in fact turn it from a boring ‘talking’ kinda vibe, into a big old sweaty dance/moshpit. Anyway, it’s a banger.

Drake – them four tracks he gone done released

On his birthday, Drake, forever trying to be the Nicest Guy In Rap, has blessed us with four, yes four, new songs. They’re all great obvs. Now, I am fairly blinkered when it comes to Drake (I have had to retract my claim that Views was the best album of the year), but recently his surprise tracks have been better than his proper album singles. Basically, it’s Drake’s birthday guys, just have a listen.

Noisey have lovingly collated them for you here: