Photo: Owen Richards

Yet another bank holiday weekend, yet another set of hot hot tunes. Listen to some glitching electro, some dreamy guitar pop and pulsating 80’s post-punk below:

Chain of Flowers – Let Your Light In

Channelling 80’s post-punk, ‘Let Your Light In’ is an full force re-introduction for Chain of Flowers. With literally everything in sight drenched in reverb, it is amazing the force and energy that the 5-piece are able to create, but the quick, urgent drums and imperious bassline form a springboard for the swirling vocals and guitars to jump from.

Listen over on The Quietus now

Lice – The Human Parasite

Lice have been burrowed away for a little while now, but with the release of ‘The Human Parasite’, the Bristol band’s second phase of world domination seems to be well and truly underway. Combining the deranged country licks of Iceage and scattered vocal delivery of Girl Band, the manic brilliance of this new single proves that Lice are more than worthy to lead us through the impending nuclear apocalypse

Nugget – Watermelon

Bristol’s Breakfast Records have announced an amazing new compilation for their first birthday, where artists they have released over the last 12 months are covering songs by other Breakfast Records artists. Great right? This first release from Nugget has set the bar pretty high for the rest of the album. She takes Human Bones’ bouncy garage-rock number and strips it back, using her tender, husky vocal and sparse guitar to twist the song into something completely different.

Los Campesinos! – Renato Dall’Ara (2008)

The opening track to LC!’s latest album has been given a sweet new video, comprising of footage from their recent US tour. You should have already heard it, but if you haven’t, get ready for some of Gareth’s most cutting lines yet, including: “His daddy came out of retirement, he took a hobby as a PCSO/ let me level this as an indictment, only a part time grass but a full time asshole.”

The Waterboatman – Apricot Pilgrim

Tender, intimate and cathartic, you may have heard this track before. In fact, the album it came off, Most Life was released about a year ago, but due to the lovely people at Bristol label Be Softly, it is getting a much warranted re-release. It’s pulsating lo-fi bedroom pop that mixes guitar balladry with minimal electronics to create a wonderful world all of its own.

ShitKid – Alright

Less manic than some of her previous singles, this track’s simple four-to-the-floor beat and buzz-saw riff stomp unrelentingly, whilst Åsa Söderqvist’s nonchalant vocal lazily sings over the top. A glittery garage-punk barn burner.

Sløtface – Magazine

The Norwegian punk three-piece treated us to two bits of good news this week: 1) they’re releasing their debut album Try Not To Freak Out on September 15th and 2) this tune. In the same vein of fun, fist-pumping punk that made us all fall in love with them in the first place, the song is “a breakup song about breaking up with bad body image and unrealistic representations of human bodies in media,” and features the killer line “Patty Smith would never put up with this shit”. September can’t come soon enough.

Little Grim – Hoodie

Dark shimmering indie rock, full of hooks and beautiful vocals. Starting with a Wild Beasts-esque combination of skittering drums and falsetto, the track grows and grows, flourishing before your very eyes, taking on a life very much of its own. This is the first single from the South London four-piece’s new EP, and should it be more than enough to pique your interest.

Phoxjaw – Victorian Dolls

This is one of two new songs out soon from Bristol band Phoxjaw, and because it’s so great, we premiered it earlier. Heavy, punishing rock, it’ll come to no surprise that the band played with Queens of the Stone Age last year.

Danny L Harle – Me4U feat Morrie

Back from working with all the coolest pop stars, Danny L Harle dishes out a large banger you for everyone to feast on. All the PC Music hallmarks are there: the distant, robotic vocals, the polished synths, the huge hook. But it’s this tracks clattering drums, quiet builds and even more perfect vocal than usual that makes it really special.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks.