Looking for something to listen to? I thought as much. I could see it on your face. Luckily I’ve got your back. Here’s a list of the best songs that came out last week:

Chastity Belt – 5am

“I can’t afford to make a mistake/ it’s 5am and I’m full of hate” Chastity Belt singer Julia Shapiro sighs on the first line of this new album cut. Sonically a step back toward the scrappy, loose version of the band from last album Time to Go Home, the tiredness of the lyrics leaks through onto the guitars, with their squall recreating perfectly all of our headspace at 5am.

Dama Scout – Paper Boy

A menacing, slinking bass and buzzsaw guitar line is all we hear from the first verse of Dama Scout’s new single. It’s quiet, but you’re never allowed to settle; there’s something big coming, you can feel it. Then, an explosion of colour, engulfing you in shimmering sound, sweeping away everything before it for a catchy and enthralling chorus. A confident and expansive single.

Yowl – My Headache Likes To Speak

Buzzing with the dark gothic tension of Wytches, this blinding new single from Yowl is more than enough to catapult them onto the top of you favourite new bands list. It’s a twitching, fidgeting piece of post-punk, starting calm before getting more and more agitated. If headaches truly could speak, I’m pretty sure they would sound as twisted and unhinged as the final minute of this killer single.

Swet Shop Boys – Thas My Girl

The best pairing in rap right now (sorry Run The Jewels) take a break from the razor-sharp political hip hop that peppered debut album Cashmere to give us a massive party tune. Riz MC and Heems trade verses with the telepathic brilliance we’ve come to expect from the duo over a desi-sampling beat.

ThisIsDA – Control, Shift

Its definitely worth revisiting this track from last month, what with the addition of its new hypnotising and absorbing visuals. This cut is blissful and spacey, and ThisIsDA’s vocal effortlessly skips over the jazz-tinged beat, perfectly complementing the slow shifting visuals.

Rich Chigga – Gospel feat Keith Ape and Xxxtention

Hold onto your hats ladies and gents, this one comes with a severe banger warning. Yes, internet hype rapper Rich Chigga has enlisted internet hype rapper Keith Ape and internet hype rapper Xxxtention to create a full throttle, pounding piece of fun internet hype rap. The beat is intense and industrial, whilst all three rappers bring a whole ton of energy on their verses.

Tamu Massif – Animals

As calming and hypnotising as ever, Tamu Massif has once again stolen our hearts with the beautiful, blissful ‘Animals’. Off his newly released ‘Bala’ EP, and a live staple for a while, ‘Animals’ allows the Bristolian to show off his both his deep sorrowful baritone and a soaring, delicate falsetto. As samples click and fire, and the guitar shimmers, just close your eyes and lose yourself within the songs silences.

Hazel English – That Thing

The last track on her new double EP ‘Just Give In/ Never Going Home’ (which you can win here btw) is probably the most assertive we’ve heard Hazel English. A punching kick drum and icy 80’s synths underpin her confidence, and the smooth, swaggering pop-song is the perfect high note for her new record to end on.

Wesley Gonzalez – Piece of Mind

Starting with the exact same drum fill from King’s ‘Love and Pride’ may be a bold move, but it helps to set the perfect tone for Wesley Gonzalez’s horn-filled pop monolith. With the off-kilter song construction of a XTC tune, but the earthy horns ‘n’ pianos of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the song is yet another example of the ex-Let’s Wrestle man’s pop prowess.

That Hidden Promise – All Things, All Will Come

From neighbouring Somerset, That Hidden Promise delivers a tight, shiny, driving guitar rock hit. With a polished sound that aims for stadiums, keep your eye on That Hidden Promise.

We’ll have more of the best tracks next week.