Photo by Shervin Lainez

It’s supposed to be pretty sunny this week. With this in mind, I’ve put together the perfect playlist of songs to play whilst laid back in a park or garden, drinking in the sun, pretending the outside world isn’t real. Listen below:

Post-Heather – Airplane

Brighton’s most exciting two-piece do it again with their atmospheric take on garage rock. The grit, energy and crunching guitar of the chorus seems at odds with the spacey, shimmering verses, but vocalist Heather handles both with ease, switching between her beautiful, soulful tone and a snarl in a split second.

Palehound – If You Met Her

More melancholic than the previous haywire song from Palehound’s new album A Place I’ll Always Go, but still containing the signature razor-sharp guitar lines and open, confessional songwriting that made Dry Food such an incredible listen. “When the dust clears, where’s my body” Ellen Kemper almost whispers on the chorus before promising at the end that “You would love her, if you met her”. A beautifully open piece of lo-fi guitar pop.

Fake Laugh – Melt

Dropping at exactly the right time for this week’s upcoming small burst of sunshine, and acting as the announcement for his debut album, ‘Melt’ is an absolute breeze. Fake Laugh’s beautifully mournful vocal, soft and calming, drifts over the pounding drum and fuzzed guitars. A simple, sweet guitar pop song.

Shit Girlfriend – I Don’t Wanna Die

One of two tracks off a new 7” released on the ever brilliant PNKSLM, ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ is a high-octange garage hit. Like a 50’s pop song, but turned sour, ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ sounds a bit like The Hives (I mean this in the best way), but if they recorded their songs in a basement and had about 10 times more energy.

King Nun – Sponge

Dirty Hit’s latest family members King Nun display their songwriting prowess on this new big hitter. Swinging between Wytches-style crunch and some Bloc Partyesque moments of twinkling introspection, ‘Sponge’ is absolutely ready for a drunk sing along.

Swedish Death Candy – Won’t Be Long

Prepare yourself, because you are about to be hit by a ton of fuzz. ‘Won’t Be Long’ opens with a killer, fuzzy, beast of a riff, reminiscent of Black Sabbath and, um, Wolf Mother, before harmonious, psychedelic vocals come in and take the edge off. Bursting with energy, the track is a tidal wave of pounding drums and galloping riffs. Catch the band at Bristol Psyche Fest on July 7th.

Vince Staples – Big Fish

The LA rapper is back with another pulsating, dark and catchy piece of hip-hop. The bouncing beat and “I was out late night balling/ counting out hundreds by the thousands” seem at odds with Vince’s tired sounding delivery. It’s a vivid, deft take on drug dealings, funny as it is sad, and cements his place as one of the world’s best rappers at the moment.

Soccer Mommy – Out Worn

Sounding as tired as the title suggests and “biting my nails till my fingers bleed”, ‘Out Worn’ finds Fat Possum signee Soccer Mommy realising a relationship has gone sour, letting her angst out after the final straw. “This ain’t the love that I had desired” she levels over dreamy guitars and fuzzed vocals.

Gorgeous Bully – I Can See

This first track off new EP ‘Holsten’ does everything you want a Gorgeous Bully song to do. It steams along with its chiming, lo-fi guitars and charming vocals, catching you hook, line and sinker with it’s ace chorus.

Girl Ray – Preacher

A soft acoustic ballad for the first half a minute, ‘Preacher’ suddenly explodes in 70’s pop glory. Part country, part Elton John, the song provides the perfect backdrop for the new video, which is the second part of the three-piece’s period drama series.

We’ll have more great songs next week.