Photo by Emily Isherwood

Get rid of your accumulative three-day bank holiday hangover with this hot list of some fo the best songs from the last week.

Oro Swimming Hour – Overthrown

For those uninitiated, Oro Swimming Hour is a project from Bristol Live favourite Oliver Wilde and children’s illustrator Nicholas Stevenson. The duo charmed us last year with a string of beautiful snapshots of songs, and are now readying themselves for a new project. ‘Overthrown’ is a whirring, dreamy number, which is simple yet mesmeric.

Funeral For Bird – I Know

This enchanting new single from young Bristolian Funeral For Bird sounds like slowly rising out of a lake. Waves of echo brush over you, synths bubble away in the background, before all of a sudden, with a guitar’s strum, you break through the surface. A truly immersive and impressive single from new album Desert Island.

Swet Shop Boys – Anthem

Easily the most club-ready that hip-hop’s best duo have sounded, ‘Anthem’ bangs very hard from the get go. With a punching bassline, the energy of the track find both Riz MC and Heems at their most lyrically outrageous. “I’m Paki Chan, I’m Paki Robinson, I’m Pak Nicholson” Riz MC lists as an introduction, before delivering one of the most funny and politically sharp verses of the year.

Something Anorak – Brahminy Kites

A rough ‘n’ ready return from Bristol two-piece Something Anorak. Heavier than most of their back-catalogue, the track is a loud reintroduction for the band. Still present though is the duos use of vulnerable vocals, ramshackle but intricate instrumentation and the ferocious energy.

Zelah – Run Away

Dark, pulsating pop from Bristol. From the opening few seconds Zelah’s singer puts down her marker as one of the city’s most exciting new vocalists. The trio use her powerful voice to drive the song, building towards a dark, absorbing chorus.

San. Marlo – Dreaming

Bringing the sunshine from Bournemouth, San. Marlo burst out with new single ‘Dreaming’ a driving, exciting hit of joyful guitar pop. Combining titanic sounding drums with pop sensibilities, bits of shoegaze and grunge, the band sound like Chapterhouse at their very best.

Alaskalaska – Bitter Winter

Despite having the most annoying band name to spell since Dananananakyrod, ‘Bitter Winter’ is brilliant. Its low-key electronics and chiming guitar help build an off-kilter feel even before the vocals come in. Genuinely forward thinking and creative pop.

Marika Hackman – Cigarette

Yet another incredible sounding teaser from Marika Hackman’s new album. ‘Cigarette’ is a tender and open number, but there’s a sultry edge to Marika’s voice, and a violence, that makes the track an intriguing listen.

The Orielles – I Only Bought it For The Bottle

After the funk odyssey that was The Orielles’ last single ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’, it seemed only right that the trio came back with a razor sharp piece of guitar pop. ‘I Only Bought It For The Bottle’ does exactly that, combining the band’s washed out guitar sound with a huge 90’s-inspired chorus (and a lot of cowbell).

Annabel Allum – Eat Greens

We all know what it’s like trying to be a bit healthier. Not like become a full on gym-obsessed weirdo, but just maybe detox a bit. And the first stage is always eat more veg. Annabel Allum knows this. ‘Eat Greens’ charts the difficulty of letting go of vices, owning up to sins and, ya know, maybe eating a few greens over gritty, scuzzy garage rock, like Angel Olsen at her darkest.

Come back next week for more hot new tracks.