It’s far too hot for me to give any kind of intro. Listen to the tracks below, I promise you’ll enjoy them.

The Horrors – Machine

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from The Horrors, and by the sounds of it, the five-piece have spent that time wisely, evolving their sound even further. ‘Machine’ is exactly how you’d imagine it to sound; industrial, glitchy and driving. There’s still Faris Badwan’s calming vocal, aloofly meandering over the madness, but ‘Machine’ definitely signals a new era for the band.

Fake Laugh – Short of Breath

Yet another stone cold killer from what promises to be The Breeziest Album of The Summer 2017™. Sounding heartbroken, Fake Laugh simpers “I want a love that is perfect, all the time” before reminiscing about a lost lover. The cascading guitars match perfectly with his yearning vocal, and should make you even more excited about his debut self-titled album.

Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo

After the lush, grungy tone of debut album My Love Is Cool the last thing anyone expected Wolf Alice to do is go punk, but that is exactly what they’ve done. ‘Yuk Foo’ a bratty, noisy return for the four piece. Ellie Roswell’s usually atmospheric vocal turns biting, the guitars are harsh and skittish, and by the end, all your perceptions of the band will have changed.

Iyesaya – Major Label Girl

In which London’s Iyesaya “attempts to fall in love purely for the purpose of making commercially viable music.” A heady ambition sure, but judging by the catchy as a cold nature of the song, he’ll probably just be able to get to the top the old fashioned way; through his charming, clever and enthralling bedroom pop songs.

The Machiavellis – She

This second single from Kent band The Machivellis pairs blissful Slowdive-style layers with a driving bass and breath-taking vocals, mixing it all together to create something entirely new. There are points when, as a listener, you find yourself bathed in sounds, whilst other parts shoot straight into your head, the track’s innate pop styling hooking themselves in your brain.

Trust Fund feat. Gareth Los Campesinos! – I’ll Sail This Ship Alone

I’m not really sure what else there is to say about this. It’s Trust Fund and Gareth from Los Campesinos! covering a Beautiful South classic. There is no better description than that really; there is no way to elaborate on its greatness. It is an instant classic, a track to show your grandparents. Out now via Bristol’s Art Is Hard, you’d be an idiot not to listen to this on repeat.

Oro Swimming Hour – Martial Arts Washing Cars

Another absorbing new song from the Oro Swimming Hour’s upcoming album. It’s tender verses and sparse strummed guitar combine with a whirring lead line to create a track that reminds one of a long lost 60’s children’s TV show.

Theo Verney – Letter Down

Like a slowly crashing wave, this latest track from the ultra-talented Theo Verney will cooly wash over you, slow and refreshingly. The languid guitar of the intro gives way to sludgy powerchords when it finally breaks into the chorus, but by that time, you’re completely submerged.

Meadowlark – Body Lose

Bristol’s dark-pop duo again lay bare their souls with a pulsating, sparse song that shows both the deft production and commanding vocals that make them so hypnotic. Off forthcoming album Postcards, the song gives a taste of the exciting things to come with the release.

The Cribs - Year of Hate

This b-side to the Wakefield legend’s surprise release a few weeks ago goes against the FM rock feel of the a-side, instead delving right back into the rough’ n ’ready punk that we all expect from The Cribs. That’s not to say it’s a throwback at. In fact, the song feels fuzzier and grittier than The Cribs usually do, even more out of control.

Come back next week for some more hot tracks.