Tracks of the Week 71

Photo: Neil Thomson

Settle in to a round up of new the best new music that includes not one single track from the new Jay-Z album because I don’t have Tidal. Like most people. But these songs are probably way better than the new Jay-Z album anyway, so go ahead and start listening:

Girl Ray – Don’t Go Back At 10

Another exciting new song from London three-piece Girl Ray. Dreamy but melancholic, ‘Don’t Go Back At 10’ charts that important time after a break-up where your friends help you get back to a semblance of normality. The track’s three piece harmonies give it charm, whilst the simple structure of the song gives it a wonderfully nostalgic feel.

Confidence Man – Boyfriend

Over carnival style percussion and a hip-shakingly funky bassline, Confidence Man’s Janet Planet deadpans “My boyfriend wants to talk/ My boyfriend talks too much”. Darkly humorous, but infectiously catchy, ‘Boyfriend’ is a fantastic new offering from the Australian duo.

L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight

As hinted at by the name, ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’, is a dark, shimmering piece of 50’s pop. Like a cross between The Shangri-Las, Courtney Barnett and The Wytches, ‘Kill My Baby Tonight’ is a murderous ode to intense love. There is no way that you can listen to this song and not want to go buy a leather jacket straight after.

The Gin Birkins – Gentleman’s Magazine (LICE cover)

Breakfast Record’s Elevenses album has been churning out amazing song after amazing song, and the fifth track off the compilation, which finds The Gin Birkins taking on the post-punk squalor of LICE’s ‘Gentleman’s Magazine’, is no different. The Bristol band embrace the darkness of the original, but put the chaos somewhat into order, with the shimmering, gothic guitars giving the song a murky, sinister vibe.

Everything Everything – Can’t Do

Everyone’s favourite math-pop nerds are back, this time sticking a whole load of emphasis on the pop side of things. Infact, ‘Can’t Do’ is easily the most pop track the band have ever released, with buoyant synths, and a catchy as hell chorus making it dancefloor ready. Don’t worry though, the band’s signature brand of falsetto vocals and noodley guitars are still very much present.

Lunice – Distrust feat. Denzel Curry, J.K The Reaper & Nell

Compared to ex-TNGHT partner Hudson Mohawke, Lunice has been pretty quiet since the project stopped. Finally, he is gearing to release his debut album, and ‘Distrust’ gives a taste of the records tone. Dark and glitching, the track finds as much power in its maximised bass tones as it does the silences in between. All three featuring artists provide power and energy over Lunice’s astonishing beat.

BOYS – Dreamland

Absolutely drenched in reverb, ‘Dreamland’ is about as dreamy as they come. The simple chiming guitar is complimented wonderfully by the vocals, which are so light that you have to strain to hear them at time. The perfect song to accompany a snooze in the sun.

Partner – Sex Object

“Shouldn’t have been snooping in my roommate’s room,” begins the fantastic new single from Canadian duo Partner. The line repeats, tension builds, questions appear in you’re mind: Why were they in the room? Why shouldn’t they have been in there? What did they find??? Well let me clear that up for you, Partner found a sex thing. What the thing was is still unclear, but I’m sure if you repeatedly listen to this slacker-rock breeze then you’ll eventually find out.

Sure Sure – Friends

Another brilliant piece of lo-fi pop from Sure Sure. The piano led cut has a certain ramshackle charm that would delight Alex G fans, whilst its catchy pop chops will worm themselves into anyone’s ear.

Biig Piig – 24K

So slow and syrupy that, before the vocals come in, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to this new song from 19-year-old Biig Piig on half speed. The song’s simple, jazz tinged beat, coupled with Biig Piig’s understated, but entrancing vocal mean this calming love song will slowly creep up on you, but before you know it, ‘24K’ will be wrapped around your brain.

Come back next week for more of the bets new music.