Tune-Yards | Preview

Tune-Yards @ Trinity Centre, Bristol. 02.06.14.

Armed with only a loop pedal and a bloke on the drums, Merrill Garbus’ tUnE-yArds [sic] personifies a big middle finger to society’s unattainable body standards, the patriarchy and the broken down American dream. Her off-the-cuff beats, high-speed riffs and choice of touchy subject matter have earned her a reputation for being one of the best live acts around. It’s tough to think of an act that harnesses the power of the loop pedal in quite the same way she does.

Tune-Yards’ second album ‘W H O K I L L’ was the unexpected hit of spring 2011 and now Merrill’s back with a vengeance. Barnstorming brand new offering ‘Water Fountain’ is another masterclass in how to craft a catchier-than-a-cold summer hit, and it’s already wetting our whistles (snigger) for a show guaranteed to get you grabbing your partner by the hand and swinging them round and round.

Daring, colourful and completely without limits, Tune-Yards is a force for the people, and straight off a huge European tour including slots supporting the great Arcade Fire, you can rest assured that Merrill won’t stop ’til she gets everyone on their feet — and on her side.

Check out latest track ‘Water Fountain’ here:

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