23rd May | The Fleece

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, into a society rife with racism, unemployment and crime, it was clear from an early age that Akua Naru’s natural gravitation towards gospel and her acute awareness of social injustice would one day lead her to becoming one of the greatest female artists of our time.

Shaped by experiences from her childhood and her keen interest in political activism, Naru’s writings tell the story of the vulnerability of black women and the harsh realities African American women face in a divided society. Her debut album The Journey Aflame is a window into the life of a young Naru with songs such as ‘The Journey’ and ‘Run Away’ revealing a darker past whilst tracks like ‘Poetry: This is How it Feels’ and ‘The World is Listening’ celebrate womanhood and Naru’s sensual, softer side.

In 2012 she released The Live & Aflame Sessions recorded with the DIGFLO band as a follow up to her first album which features live interpretations complete with flute, sax and string sections. Whilst most artists benefit from studio recording, Naru blossoms on stage making her live recordings and shows a completely immersive experience, constantly captivating you with her revolutionary lyricism and experimental use of classic 90’s sampling and jazz instrumentation.

Akua Naru has become a hip hop sensation in the 6 years since the release of her debut and has received worldwide recognition for her heartfelt, honest performances. She’s already wowed crowds at The Fleece once before and there’s no doubt she will do exactly the same this time round.

Grab your tickets here. Listen to ‘Poetry: How Does It Feel Now’ below.