Augustines, the New York/UK based big anthem rock band, have chosen a very special place, and a very special person, to film for their new video for latest single ‘Are We Alive’. Yes, our very own merry city features heavily in the video, with keen eyes spotting The Louisiana, The Old Duke and various other places forming a lovely backdrop for special guest, Jeffrey “Big Jeff” Johns, to wander around doing his thing.

The band have obviously been touched by Jeff’s passion and pure love of music over the years, and caveat the video with a lovely message “Every now and then in life we come across a person who naturally stands out from the rest. Someone whose lust for life is just so infectious that it can’t be hidden and must be shared,” before introducing Bristol’s finest headbanger.

‘Are We Alive’ is a brilliant tune as well, possessing a massive chorus that is more suited to Worthy Farm’s Pyramid Stage than the drivel Muse will most likely be peddling. The first single from the band’s third album, it’s likely to have you moving as hard as Jeff is in the video. Well, maybe, he’s set a pretty high bar.

Basically more music videos need Jeff in to remind us how great music is.

Check out ‘Are We Alive’ right here: