Bo Ningen | Preview

Bo Ningen @ Thekla, Bristol. 08.05.14.

Fast talking, slamming guitars and an unmistakable sense of showmanship colour Bo Ningen as a band best appreciated live. Often cloaked in red and giving what can can only be described as a bass face like no other, BN don’t mess about when it comes to a live show.

Fusing unassailable waves of heavy looping guitar, an unrelenting drum line and Japan’s confusing but compelling language into the power of their debut LP ‘Line the Wall’ in 2012, it’s an album that can only be matched by the unscalable charge the band brings to the live stage. An injection of pure energy, Bo Ningen’s doubt defying, awe inspiring acid guitar is combined with a mass of hair, attitude and outfits set to stun, achieving devastating effect. If these guys aren’t the ones to bring the good ship Thekla down once and for all, Lord knows who can. Stock up on neck braces, this one’s likely to give you whiplash.

Watch the video for ‘Henkan’ here:

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