St Vincent | Preview

St Vincent @ O2 Academy, Bristol. 21.08.14. (Rescheduled from May)

St Vincent‘s live show is already garnering critical acclaim up and down the UK, as well as the good ol’ US of A. If the reviews are to be believed, the art of the live show is one Annie Clark takes very seriously. Choreography, incredible hair and stage decor to die for are all sights you can note down on your St Vincent bingo card, never mind watching out for her famously intricate guitar rigs and an intention in her eyes to more or less rock the roof off.

St Vincent’s self-titled new album dropped in February, causing electrical storms to emit from every stereo in the country. It’s a release stamped all over with Clark’s trademark scuzzy guitar, her signature ferocity laced with some of the most poetically powerful lyrics we’ve been treated to yet. It’s a killer record unlike any other out today, and the unique power of the release is bound to translate into a fantastic live experience, not least since she’s promised a show to set to suspend disbelief and act as an escape to the everyday.

Try not to Instagram it, though, the tour is named after single ‘Digital Witness': a criticism of how a generation brought up on MySpace sees the world through a scrutinising tech-layered lens. Leave your phone at home and you’ll leave the show with more than a shoddily filmed video clip; St Vincent promises to leave you with wide eyes and an ever-so-slight cosmic glow.

Watch her video for ‘Digital Witness’ here:

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