The Growlers | Preview

The Growlers @ Thekla, Bristol. 03.05.15.


Neo-psychedelic or more specifically ‘beach goth’ act The Growlers are well into their European tour and will be landing in the UK this week. Their live shows are well known for hedonistic on stage antics and their ability to turn the most dark and dingy of venues into a 1960’s era Southern Californian bake and surf party.

After releasing five albums in as many years The Growlers are finally building up a real reputation as a unique and genre defining band over this side of the pond. ‘Chinese Fountain’, their most recent album with the highest production value yet is the most critically acclaimed since ‘Hung at Heart’ and will be sure to feature quite heavily on the tour.

There is an undeniable vaudevillian quality to The Growlers and their enchanting frontman Brooks Nielsen that will add another dimension to their live shows that an EP or album simply cannot express. This sentiment goes with any live music act, but in the case of The Growlers it really is something that will keep anyone with or thinking of buying a ticket in a state of sheer anticipation till the moment they arrive on stage at Thekla on Sunday.

Check out ‘Someday’ right here:

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