Archimedes | Live Review

Archimedes @ Start The Bus 30.03.12

By Huw Goodhead.

Call the Doctor start the night off with their unique brand of alt-rock. It’s really quite refreshing to see a front-woman in an edgy guitar band, and Call the Doctor’s Patti Aberhart is a great one - commanding the audience’s attention and drawing them in off of their seats. I find it hard to ignore the fact that there’s a definite Karen O vibe vocally, but with a more driven backbone they set themselves apart.

The second band of the night was Southampton’s Cardinals. Playing a blend of indie but with a twist of quite ambient post-rock they have a very now sound and although not a Bristol band their sound sits very nicely with the current guitar band scene in the city.

The time has come, it’s been a fair while since they have played as a full four piece but this really doesn’t show at all. They float through their set with a destructive grace, combining perfectly their mix of post and math-rock. They start with the new two-track single, and although wonderful on record, it really shines live. With the crowd singing along although only released on the 24th of March, it’s clear to be a new favorite. The rest of the set is a mix of old and brand new, tracks from the now a year old On Spirals EP bring a real sense of nostalgia. The new songs are some of the best yet; they really show the growth of the band. I was informed by the band that the new songs were only written a few days earlier, I found this incredible and I really think that this shows how bright the future of the band is going to be.