Hailing from Norwich, CLAWS describe themselves as surf-indie-punk, playing the kind of tunes that will rid you of your January blues and thrust you into a sun-drenched mindset. Latest single ‘Bad Luck’ is a song you’ll repeat over and over again, unwilling to ever let go of its catchy hooks and fist-pumping chorus action.

We chatted to vocalist and guitarist Josie Steward ahead of their support slot at The Fleece with Run for Cover records’ Turnover. Here, she talks lyrics, the importance of venues and what you can expect from their live shows.

On ‘Bad Luck’ you say ‘We’ll see it all someday, the glory and the truth // Stuck in this spiral of our never-ending youth” Can you explain a little bit about what you mean there? 

I mean being “stuck”, in a good way. Going out every weekend, having fun and not worrying about growing up anytime soon. “We’ll see it all someday” meaning that unfortunately one day we will all have to grow up and be responsible adults. Maybe.

The Owl Sanctuary closure absolutely sucks. Was it a big part of you guys getting together / playing / hanging out? What was the Norwich “scene” like?

The Owl Sanctuary is a massive part of Claws history so we are absolutely gutted that it is shutting down. We supported Slaves on one of there first sold out shows, put on our own shows there and have seen some amazing bands play. There is nowhere else like it in Norwich & its transformed into its own little community over the past 2 years. It’s going to be really sad to see it go.

You’ve had some incredible support slots last year and now you’re touring with Turnover which is ace! Did you ever expect CLAWS to get to this point?

We never expected CLAWS to get this far in the space of 2 years. It started as 4 friends getting together, having a laugh and writing a few songs together. We never thought we would have to opportunity to play Radio 1 Big Weekend & support bands such as Slaves, Superfood and The Subways.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Upbeat, fun music. I think we sound a lot more raw and loud when we play live than we do on our recordings.

Can we expect some new material from you this year? Has touring with all these amazing bands influenced you guys at all?

As soon as we get back from this tour with Turnover we are planning to record a new 4 track E.P. and play as many shows around the UK this summer as possible. Having the opportunity to play with all these amazing bands has influenced us to keep working hard. When you speak to them all you realise how much hard work they put in to get where they are, some of them have been going 8 years+ and have just waited and waited for there time to come along.

Turnover and CLAWS play The Exchange on Friday 15th January. Check out ‘Bad Luck’ right here: