New Faces Tour with Charlotte OC, Freddie Dixon & more

Communion presents: Frances + Tenterhook + Charlotte OC + Freddie Dixon @ The Louisiana. 9.04.15.

Charlotte OC provided the first and arguably top set of the evening.

Crisp vocal tones, captivating songwriting and luscious arrangements were the theme tonight at the Louisiana as we eagerly watched four hotly tipped acts as part of Communion’s New Faces Tour 2015.

This was the tour’s last stop, following six dates across the UK that presented four hotly-tipped artists from their roster – Frances, Tenterhook, Charlotte OC and Freddie Dixon. Rotating on headline duties, each artist was set to display their unique qualities and show audiences exactly why they’re making waves in the industry.

Rising future-pop purveyor Charlotte OC provided the first and arguably top set of the evening. A musical, but also fashion, icon in the making, having hooked up with fashion brands such as Hunger and Topshop in addition to the world of new music, Charlotte’s burning fusion of soulful R&B and electro-pop was a delight; captivating the audience with her powerful vocal prowess. Pulsating beats, jittery synths and subtle basslines all intertwine as Charlotte’s lyrics brawl through love, loss and pain. Songs ‘On & On’ and ‘If My House Was Burning’ stood out; brooding, upbeat and at points majestic with Jillian Rose Banks-esque moments.

Freddie Dickson soon followed, with similarly impacting, towering vocals and emotive lyrics. The singer-songwriter has also been impressive over recent months, with hordes of press support by Wonderland, Vice, Line of Best Fit and more. Featuring only two-thirds of his quite driving band, The Guard, Freddie still produced a tight and powerful set. Dynamic soundscapes ranging from hook-driven guitars to raining piano chords pulled together by Dickson’s howls. ‘Speculate’ was the cream of the crop, Dickson’s vocals soaring to the rooftops as his words ached with noir and romance.

Stripping things down in the last hour of the show were Frances and Tenterhook. Piano chords and beguiling harmonies stood tall as Frances serenaded the audience with her charming storytelling and refreshingly honest words. The room really filled up as Tenterhook closed the show and, armed only with his guitar and striking falsetto, he quickly had everyone swaying to his mesmerising tones. ‘What I Like’ and ‘Go Easy’ both showed real promise.

It’s not often that you get such an all-round promising lineup in this intimate a setting, but Communion have certainly outdone themselves with this year’s collection of New Faces artists — with all four acts destined for great things in the coming months.

Watch ‘If My House Was Burning’ right here:

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