Emma Lee Moss aka Emmy the Great first came to our attention during copious amounts of touring leading up to her debut album First Love. Her sophomore  Virtue was well received by both fans and critics, as was her Christmas album with Ash’s Tim Wheeler. Emmy made her name with her witty lyrics about life and relationships and has thoroughly mastered the break-up song. After a while away from the limelight she is just about to release her third album Second Love.

Whilst the personal lyrics and quirky songwriting are still there on Second Love, the music itself is less folky than the Emmy of old and there is a deliberate move to studio based production techniques such as samples and programmed beats. Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts features as a guest vocalist on ‘Swimming Pool’ which was previewed on last year’s S EP. With her new approach to recording, it will be interesting to find out how the new material will sound live.

Emmy played a sold out gig at the Fleece back in 2011, so her first Bristol show in almost five years is very much anticipated.

Check out ‘Algorithm’ right here: